Transportation Planning Handbook, 3rd Edition
Transportation Planning Handbook, 3rd Edition
This is a reference for practicing transportation professionals involved with the administrative, technical and legal aspects of transportation planning. It is a must for anyone in the governmental, consulting and educational fields working with the planning of the transportation infrastructure. Written by 22 highly respected authors in the field of transportation, and reviewed by leading transportation professionals, the new edition breaks chapters down into three categories: basic understanding, application contexts and strategy-specific planning. Basic information covers legal framework; urban travel characteristics and modeling; environmental considerations; land use and urban design; evaluation and prioritization methods; and asset management. Application chapters focus on various planning contexts such as statewide; corridor; metropolitan; activity centers and site impact analysis; rural and tribal; transportation terminals; and recreational areas. Strategies are explained in relation to transit, operations, parking, safety, freight and pedestrians/bicycles. Edited by Michael D. Meyer, Ph.D., P.E., Director and Professor, Georgia Transportation Institute.
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Publisher: ITE

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Publishing Date: 03/09