Traffic Safety Toolbox: A Primer on Traffic Safety
Traffic Safety Toolbox: A Primer on Traffic Safety
The following topics are covered in this update of the 1993 edition: Safety Management; Traffic Planning; Traffic Control Devices; Tort Liability, Risk Management and Sign Inventory Systems; Geometric Design; One-Way Streets and Reversible Lanes; Roadside Safety; Enforcement; Automated Enforcement of Red Light Running; Infrastructure Maintenance: Traffic Control Devices; Work Zone Traffic Management; Designing for Pedestrians; Bicycling Element; Driver Behavior and Qualification; Traffic Calming; Teaching Safety; Before-After Evaluations in Highway Safety; Statistical Approach to the Analysis of Intersection Safety; Safety Improvements and Secondary Roadways; Low-Cost Safety Improvements; Safety Impacts of Roundabouts; Road Safety Audit. The material covered reflects the personal knowledge, experience and expertise of the chapter authors. This combination of resources makes this publication a valuable document, useful toward improving traffic safety and saving lives.
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Publishing Date: 01/99