Parking Generation, 4th Edition
Parking Generation, 4th Edition

The updated publication represents a substantial change to the third edition, which was published in 2004. The report contains updated introductory material as well as updated land use descriptions, parking generation rates, equations and data plots.

The fourth edition also includes a significant amount of new data; updated peak parking demand rates based on time of day distribution; and additional quantitative and qualitative information on the influence of numerous factors on parking demand rates.

Since the release of the third edition of Parking Generation, information on several land uses has been collected and added to the database; data from more than 450 new study sites have been included in the fourth edition with more than half of the land use codes having been updated based on the new data available. Also, 16 new land use classifications have been added to the report for a total of 106 land uses. The following new land uses have been added:

  • Multiplex Movie Theater (445)
  • Zoo (481)
  • Soccer Complex (488)
  • Private School (K-12) (536)
  • Synagogue (561)
  • Mosque (562)
  • Free-Standing Discount Superstore (813)
  • Automobile Parts Sales (843)
  • Motorcycle Dealership (845)
  • Convenience Market with Gasoline Pumps (853)
  • Copy, Print and Express Ship Store (920)
  • Coffee/Donut Shop without Drive-Through Window (936)
  • Coffee/Donut Shop with Drive-Through Window (937)
  • Bread/Donut/Bagel Shop without Drive-Through Window (939)
  • Bread/Donut/Bagel Shop with Drive-Through Window (940)
  • Gasoline/Service Station with Convenience Market (945)

In addition, changes in travel patterns resulting from recent technological advances in the banking industry have been reflected in the fourth edition. Parking Generation has undergone many other important updates, which are outlined in detail in Chapter 5.

This report is a must have for transportation professionals conducting parking requirement analyses, site impact studies, on-site circulation studies and other land use related studies.

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