Innovative Traffic Mngmt & Control Equipment Procurement
Innovative Traffic Mngmt & Control Equipment Procurement
Innovative Traffic Management and Control Equipment Procurement Methods

This guidance document provides a summary of current practices in the procurement of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and traffic management and control equipment. Procurement of road improvements in the 21st century increasingly entails digital assets in addition to physical assets. Intelligent Transportation Systems and operational technologies and services associated with today's Connected Vehicles and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) applications are the subject of this Guidance Document. These include the following:
• Controllers, conflict monitors, and associated devices
• Cabinets
• Detection systems and sensors
• Computers
• Display monitors
• Communications devices
• Cabling and other equipment and services, such as cameras, sensors, poles and signal heads
• Software and firmware associated with equipment
• Installation and testing
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Pub. No.: IR-101B-E

ISBN: 1-7345078-1-2

Author: ITE Industry Council

Publisher: ITE

Format: PDF

Pages: 37

Publishing Date: 07/20