NACTO Transit Street Design Guide
NACTO Transit Street Design Guide

Getting streets to work for transit is indispensable to the urban future.

The Transit Street Design Guide sets a new vision for how cities can harness the immense potential of transit to create active and efficient streets, in neighborhoods and downtowns alike. Following NACTO’s influential Urban Street Design Guide and Urban Bikeway Design Guide, the Guide details how reliable transit routes—whether bus or rail—depend on a commitment to transit at every level of design. Developed through a new peer network of NACTO members and transit agency partners, the Guide provides street transportation departments and public transportation providers with the tools to actively prioritize transit on the street, not just accommodate existing service.

Guide sections highlight transit as the centerpiece of transformative street projects, such as shared transit streets and transit boulevards, along with best-practice strategies—like multi-door boarding and transit-friendly signals—that can speed up an entire system. In-depth guidance covers dedicated lanes and on-street transitways, boarding islands and other active-mode-friendly designs, as well as intersections and turn management.The Guide also provides an overview of how to make the case for dedicated transit space, including evaluation techniques that go beyond modally specific measures to measure the entire street.
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