On-Demand Webinar: Advisory Bike Lanes
On-Demand Webinar: Advisory Bike Lanes
An ITE Learning Hub Webinar
Developed by the ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee

Webinar Description
This webinar will introduce and describe a roadway type new to North America but successfully used for 45+ years in other countries. It has started to appear in North America but awareness of it and its characteristics is still limited. The Advisory Bike Lane (ABL) is a road which accommodates motorized and non-motorized users on low volume roads which are of limited width or unlikely to receive funding for multimodal improvements. ABLs consist of a single center lane which supports two-way vehicular travel and edge lanes on either side preferentially reserved for bicyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

Learning Objectives

Understanding what ABLs are, their characteristics, and where they have been successfully used,
Current US and Canadian guidance on siting and design of ABLs,
Comparison of North American guidance to guidance from the Netherlands, Denmark and Great Britain,
Case studies of ABLs in Minneapolis, MN, Ottawa, ON, Canada, and Great Britain,
Legal and regulatory status of ABLs in the US.
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