Parking Generation 5th Ed: Printed Copy, Electronic, & App
Parking Generation 5th Ed: Printed Copy, Electronic, & App
This purchase includes both the hard copy and electronic versions of the Parking Generation 5th Edition as well as the Parking Generation web app.

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The PDF version and web application will be fulfilled by email. You will receive 2 emails with content.  The 1st email will contain download instructions and the pdf for the electronic version of Parking Generation, 5th Edition. The 2nd email, sent at 9:30 pm EST daily, will be from with a subject line of ITE Parking Generation - Web App Key and this will contain your Unlock Key that you will use to create an account on to access the ITEParkGen web-based app. 


The 5th Edition of the ITE Parking Generation Manual represents a significant improvement in the content and capabilities from previous editions with more than 60 percent new data, additional analysis capabilities (e.g., urban setting, day of the week variations, seasonal variations), time of day distributions and parking supply ratios for the majority of land uses, and a web-based app that enables the analyst access to the full database for specialized analysis. What's included with latest edition of the ITE Parking Generation Manual: o 60 percent new data than previous versions o Additional analysis capabilities (e.g., day of the week variations, seasonal variations) o Presents information for 121 land uses-including 19 new uses o Available in both hardcopy and electronic formats o Web-based app ITEParkGen allows convenient electronic access to entire data set.
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Pub. No.: PG5-ALL

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1-933452-95-1, ISBN-13: 978-1-1933452-95-1

Author: Kevin G. Hooper

Publisher: ITE

Format: Paperback and PDF

Pages: 838

Publishing Date: 02/19