Freeway and Interchange Geometric Design Handbook
Freeway and Interchange Geometric Design Handbook
The primary purpose of this handbook is to present the fundamental concepts and practices related to freeway and interchange geometric design commensurate with the state-of-the-art. While it is recognized that geometric design procedures for freeways and interchanges may vary among various agencies, this handbook sets forth the techniques and procedures successfully applied on numerous constructed or reconstructed projects. The handbook focuses on geometric and operational characteristics of freeways and interchanges including toll facilities and HOV/managed lanes. Nearly every chapter describes geometric design and operational analysis procedures with examples and a multitude of figures, tables and photographs. A systems planning and engineering approach is applied in the geometric design process. The process considers all roadway facilities (freeway, interchanges and crossroads), incorporating other transportation modes and the accommodation of pedestrians and bicycles. This handbook is the first in a series of three geometric design handbooks. The remaining two handbooks will focus on rural and urban geometric design.
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Pub. No.: TB-017

ISBN: 0-935403-94-9


Publisher: ITE

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 639 pp.

Publishing Date: 01/05