Urban Street Geometric Design Handbook
Urban Street Geometric Design Handbook
The Urban Street Geometric Design Handbook provides comprehensive, practice-oriented guidance that focuses on the operational and safety aspects specifically related to the geometric design of all classifications of urban surface streets (local streets, collector streets, arterial streets and their intersections). It identifies techniques, procedures and guidelines that have been applied to a wide variety of newly constructed or reconstructed street projects. The handbook recognizes the range of transportation modes and the integration of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles for urban roadways.

Chapters typically describe geometric design and operational analysis procedures supported by figures, tables and photographs. They also cite and reference related supporting theory for detailed follow-up and identification of current related research, with extensive referencing and significant bibliography listings. This handbook is the second in a series of three geometric design handbooks. The current handbook focuses on freeway geometric design and a future handbook will focus on rural geometric design.

This publication is an essential addition to the library of any traffic engineer or design professional.

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