Trip Generation, 10th Edition--Electronic Bundle
Trip Generation, 10th Edition--Electronic Bundle
Your purchase of this bundle includes the soon to be released Trip Generation, 10th Edition Supplement that will be delivered on or around February 1, 2020.  

ITE Trip Generation PDF's are intended for SINGLE USER ACCESS. Please consider this prior to your purchase.  

PLEASE NOTE How These Products are Delivered:  You will receive 2 emails with content.  The first is from ITE DRM Fulfillment ( that will contain links to the PDF’s and instructions on how to access them.  The 2nd email, sent at 9pm EST daily,  will be from with a subject line of ITE Trip Generation 10 - Web App Key and this will contain your Unlock Key that you will use to create an account on to access the ITETripGen web-based app.


The complete 10th Edition Electronic Bundle includes:

Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition, Volume 1—Desk Reference in PDF: Provides a detailed description of new urban and person-based trip data, key instructional information, sample plots, and identifies significant changes from the previous edition.

Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition, Volume 2—Data Plots in PDF: Includes a complete set of searchable electronic files including land use descriptions and plots for all land use/time period/independent variable/setting combinations. This material was previously published only in hard-copy format.

Trip Generation Handbook, 3rd Edition in PDF: Provides new guidance on proper techniques for estimating person and vehicle trip generation rates; updates guidance for the evaluation of mixed-use developments and the establishment of local trip generation rates; and expands pass-by trip and truck trip generation data.

ITETripGen Web-based App (only available with the purchase of a bundle): Desktop application that allows electronic access to the entire trip generation dataset with numerous filtering capabilities including site setting (i.e., rural, suburban, urban), geography, age of data, development size, and trip type (person or vehicle trips).

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