TripGen11 - 1 Digital Single User License
TripGen11 - 1 Digital Single User License
TripGen11, One (1) Digital Single User License

If you are interested in purchasing multiple single user licenses, please go here and choose the package that would fit your needs:

Special instructions related to accessing the digital version of the 11th Edition:

For every digital license purchased, you will receive an email with a unique license key, to either create one, single user account or upgrade your existing single user account at Emails will be sent from ITE Order ( with the subject line ITE TripGen11 License Key.

This new edition of the Trip Generation Manual enhances the 10th edition’s modernized content, data set, and contemporary delivery - making it an invaluable resource.

The 11th edition features:

-All the latest multimodal trip generation data for urban, suburban and rural applications,
-Reclassified land uses to better meet user needs,
-Integrated digital copies of all land use definitions, plots and supporting materials,
-Full ability to filter the data to match local conditions.
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