Integration of Safety in the Project Dev Process
Integration of Safety in the Project Dev Process

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This report builds on work related to the recommended practice, Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach, by the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Federal Highway Administration, and Congress for the New Urbanism and to the dialog that was initiated with the ITE members in support of implementing the CSS. This report focuses on the consideration of safety in the project development process and its relationship to highway design elements. This report presents the methodology to integrate substantive safety into the project development process. The process of incorporating safety into design begins with an examination of how an agency fundamentally thinks about safety and a recognition that new approaches for analyzing safety must be adopted as part of an agency's policies and procedures. Best practices are presented for the various stages of project development, including planning, engineering and design, construction, operations, and system preservation and maintenance. Case studies and project examples have been included to illustrate how the concepts can be tailored to project size, scope, and context.

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