ITE Application Supplement
ITE Application Supplement
The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) released the Transit Street Design Guide (the Guide) as a resource for planners and engineers to use in the development of transit facilities on city streets. By drawing on best practices and case studies from NACTO member agencies, the Guide establishes the concept of a “Transit Street”—a city road with one or more features that seek to improve the quality of transit service. This is accomplished through a number of recommended treatments, including exclusive transit lanes, signal modifications, and intersection improvements. Design features that help transit are also shown to improve quality of life in terms of urban space, improved access, and safety.

-Providing ITE members with insights on how the Guide fits with other accepted practices that currently exist within the industry.
-Addressing key application issues in the areas of most interest to ITE members, including traffic signals, use of street space, and analysis techniques/performance measures.
-Providing case studies to illustrate opportunities for ITE members to apply the Guide in cities of all sizes.

The Application Supplement is broken into four parts:
Part 1: Applying the NACTO Transit Street Design Guide
Part 2: How the NACTO Transit Street Design Guide Complies with National Standards and Guidance
Part 3: Traffic Signals and ITS for Transit Streets
Part 4: Transit Street Analysis Techniques and Performance Measures
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