Micromobility Facility Design Guide (PDF)
Micromobility Facility Design Guide (PDF)
Micromobility Facility Design Guide - an ITE Informational Report The development of this resource was undertaken by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee in response to a lack of appropriate guidance on how to design roadways to safely accommodate the widespread growth of micromobility vehicles. Several potential design solutions are identified to mitigate challenges for micromobility vehicles that can be applied across a broad spectrum of locations and contexts.

Micromobility vehicles have proliferated in both large cities and small towns, utilizing existing right-of-way and transportation infrastructure that was not explicitly designed with these micromobility vehicles in mind. Micromobility has provided a far more efficient way of traveling short distances than vehicles and has transformed how people move around cities and suburban areas. The launch of micromobility has exposed significant new challenges that must be addressed through policy, planning, design, and maintenance. Several organizations have addressed policy and planning considerations for micromobility vehicles, but facility design and maintenance guidance for micromobility vehicles remains limited. This document identifies potential design challenges that micromobility users experience as they travel on a typical roadway as well as the challenges other users of the roadway may face caused by micromobility users. Solutions with real-world examples are identified that accommodate micromobility and improve the roadway for all users. This document does not provide best practices pertaining to policy.

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