Traffic Signal Maintenance Handbook, 2nd Edition - epub
Traffic Signal Maintenance Handbook, 2nd Edition - epub
ITE and the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) collaboratively prepared the Traffic Signal Maintenance Handbook, 2nd Edition to reflect the current state-of-the-practice and to provide the user with a broad overview of key considerations for the maintenance element of a traffic signal program.

Since the prior edition, traffic signal technology has rapidly progressed as controllers, detection devices, communication, and monitoring systems have become more complex. Developments in traffic engineering concepts, transportation planning, signal design and standards, construction techniques, signal phase and timing (SPaT), regional coordination, asset management, work management, safety, as well as environmental and workplace laws and regulations have had a major effect on current practice. The Handbook is a straightforward reference for the practitioner that will support users in small to large departments or agencies with varying size budgets. The Handbook provides information required to set up and manage a traffic signal program compatible with available financial and technical resources as well as tools for measuring performance. This Handbook is intended primarily for an audience of signal technicians, supervisors, and maintenance operation managers who are vital to ensuring the daily reliable operation of the systems. The Handbook will also be useful for traffic engineers, traffic engineering technicians, and agency managers who seek a better understanding of the technical, logistical, organizational, and financial complexities of traffic signal maintenance.

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