Ultimate Guide To Future Career Move


Webinar Description:
Looking for new opportunities in our careers and finding the right match can be difficult. The process of searching and changing job positions can be arduous. There are several items to consider that will define this next career move. This webinar will go through the process beginning when you have the opportunity to move forward in your career; what questions should you ask yourself before you take that interview and what makes the opportunity worthwhile. We will discuss what makes a winning performance at a job interview, qualifications that can only benefit you and next steps on what to do if you have accepted the new job. Hear from a professional transportation specific recruiter on how they work through these steps with their clientele to make them successful in their career choices. In addition, you will hear contributions from a transportation professional who has taken similar steps in advancing their career and hear their experience on the most valuable items to know based on this industry. This webinar shares what to know as when the next opportunity presents itself.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify key items about the organization itself before deciding to take the interview such as company culture, turnover and more.
  • Evaluate what makes the opportunity worthwhile by asking questions about the organization, people and location.
  • Apply interview skills and techniques that will give a winning performance.
  • Recognize the industry professional qualifications that open opportunities.
  • Give examples of the top tips on handing in your notice and recognizing the importance of doing so on good terms.

No Charge
This includes a live web event and an archived recording with access for 30 days to each registrant and a webinar evaluation that provides a certificate of completion only. 

PDH Credit Certificate: There is a processing fee for each registrant of $15 members/ $25 nonmembers to receive 1.5 PDH credits certificate. Links can be found on the webinar recording page. 

Available for purchase until April 25, 2020.

2/25/2020 2:00 PM

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