Adaptive Signal Control Technology - Planning&Implementation


Developed by the ITE Traffic Engineering Council. 

Webinar Description:

Poor traffic signal timing contributes to traffic congestion and delay. Conventional signal systems use pre-programmed, daily signal timing schedules. Adaptive signal control technology (ASCT) adjusts the timing of red, yellow and green lights to accommodate changing traffic patterns and ease traffic congestion. The main benefits of adaptive signal control technology over conventional signal systems are that it can:

  • Continuously distribute green light time equitably for all traffic movements
  • Improve travel time reliability by progressively moving vehicles through green lights
  • Reduce congestion by creating smoother flow
  • Prolong the effectiveness of traffic signal timing

ASCT with the help of strategically place sensors, determine which lights should be red and which should be green. ASCT helps improve the quality of service that travelers experience on the local roads. Many choices are available from many vendors, with more in development. Many agencies across the country have experimented these ASCT and have adapted the system that is most suitable for their agency. Three agencies will discuss from conception to implementation and maintenance of the ASCT signals in their agency. The discussion will include decision making, funding, pilot project, training and maintenance and current and future of these systems.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the need for Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT)
  • Analyze key components in system selection 
  • Identify the potential funding sources 
  • Understand the maintenance, training and staffing needs for implementation of ASCT

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