NaTMEC: Pedestrian Safety, Travel Monitor, Relating the Two

Webinar Description:
Pedestrian injuries and fatalities have increased (in both number and share) in recent years, nationally and in many states. There is a need for improved pedestrian crash prediction methods to better understand (geometric, traffic, operational, and other) factors associated with pedestrian safety and also to assist in the prioritization and selection of countermeasures to improve pedestrian safety at signalized intersections. Pedestrian exposure data is one of the biggest barriers to overcome for pedestrian safety analysis.

Learn about three different approaches used to improve pedestrian safety through better estimation tools. Two presentations will focus on efforts that use pedestrian push button data at signalized intersections – one project uses these novel data to improve crash prediction models to test the ‘safety in numbers’ concept that’s been demonstrated with bicycling; another uses these data through a machine learning approach to create typologies of pedestrian activity patterns to better convert short-term counts to annual volumes. The third presentation shares a new method developed for identifying and prioritizing additional count locations to aid cities or states seeking to grow their count data collection programs.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand how push button data as a measure of exposure can be used predict pedestrian safety at signalized intersections
  • Appreciate distinctive typologies of pedestrian activity that could be used as factor groups to extrapolate short duration counts to daily, weekly, and annual volume estimates.
  • Recognize how travel monitoring through an iterative process of model estimation and count location identification can be pursued to continuously refine an agency’s pedestrian exposure estimates.

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9/15/2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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