COVID Effects on Transportation


Webinar Description:
The COVID-19 virus has had a profound effect on all modes of transportation around the world. Transportation professionals have been gathering data on the short-term effects, but what about the long-term? Will the travel pattern changes experienced on roads, at airports, on public transportation and with freight transport remain permanent and if so, to what extent? Will planning have to change in the future to account for these effects? What are the long-term financial implications?

This webinar will present hard data from around the USA and Canada to quantify the effects on COVID-19 on various modes. We will have perspectives from both the public and private sectors, as well as from Big Data. We will also present theories and opinions regarding transportation recovery and what changes may remain for years to come. Finally, each panelist will discuss some of the short- and long-term financial implications to each mode and aspect of transportation.

Participants will learn the facts and implications to the profession and their daily work. The webinar will help prepare them for changing their way of thinking about transportation and travel patterns, to better prepare systems for the future. It will also discuss how revenues might be affected so that service adjustments and project implementation changes can be made.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe what the short-term effects are of the COVID-19 virus on all modes of transportation. 
  • Discern the commonalities and differences between states and countries. 
  • Understand the potential long-term impacts on transportation, especially planning, operations and financial, and how it will impact their daily jobs.

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