NaTMEC: Micromobility Data Collection and Processing

Webinar Description:
Mobility operators have a massive amount of data on how people move in cities and recently, the public sector has successfully adopted new regulations that require access to this data for policy, planning, and active management of their streets. As cities around the world begin to easily access large amounts of shared micromobility data through permit regulations, a key concern that has arisen are questions about how this data should be safeguarded. In the most recent European privacy regulations (GDPR) and California privacy regulations (which went into effect in 2020), geolocation data is considered personal data. Significant research over the past decade has illustrated the relative ease through which this data can be used to re-identify specific individuals and their whereabouts. This session will provide an overview of the regulations that have rolled out in cities around the world, the key issues that have been raised about privacy concerns, and potential solutions for moving forward. Next, a study using data from an e-scooter system in Nashville, Tennessee will show how the GPS trace data from these trips can be used to understand micromobility use. Through a big data approach, spatio-temporal patterns can help visualize popular routes; and trip duration, distance, and start times.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Become familiar with micromobility regulations used in many cities to address data access and privacy concerns
  • Learn best practices to protect geospatial data through license agreements, privacy policies, and technical methods for city planners and policies makers to use these data without compromising privacy
  • Understand how city planners, researchers, and policy makers can benefit from using and analyzing micromobility data to reveal travel patterns.

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3/15/2021 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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